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Applied Psychobiotics in Nutraceuticals

Course Code: NPD201908
Courses Name: Applied Psychobiotics in Nutraceuticals
Name of HOD – Dr. Ezhil Arasan Ramanan
Designation of HOD – Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Dr. V.R.E.Research Laboratories Private Limited

About the course : Psychobiotics are a special class of probiotics, which deliver mental health benefits to individuals. They differ from conventional probiotics in their ability to produce or stimulate the production of neurotransmitters, short-chain fatty acids, enteroendocrine hormones and anti-inflammatory cytokines.

Intended Audience – Any current Masters pursing students or professionals of Food technology, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals streams

  • Any Science Graduate, Food Engineering
Course Status :Admissions open
No. of Modules9
Course Type :Elective
Duration :9 weeks
Category :Food Engineering Food Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals
Credit Points :2
Level :Postgraduate/ Undergraduate

Mode of Study: The Course curriculum will be delivered through automated online lectures, and case studies on the Nutrify Today Academy platform. Grading will be based on a series of individual assignments and a final test on completion of all the modules.

Learning Outcome:

    • Help manufacturers gain awareness of quality requirements regarding validation.
    • to understand and demonstrate compliance with validation requirements
    • This programme targets Quality, Product Development and Manufacturing personnel involved in process validation, Regulatory Affairs Managers and auditors of manufacturing firms (internal and external).
    • To reduce development time with better understanding of validation
    • Faster market access with more compliant products, Increase sales and customer satisfaction strategies.
Week 1 Psychobiotics – The “hot new arrival” on the psychiatry block?
Week 2 BRAIN-GUT AXIS – Physiology and clinical implications
Week 3 Psychobiotics – Pharmacodynamics and mechanisms of action on the CNS
Week 4 Application of Psychobiotics – Neurodegenerative disorders and dementia
Week 5 Application of Psychobiotics – Anxiety and Depressive Disorders
Week 6 Application of Psychobiotics – In Child and Adolescent mental health (neurodevelopment disorders and autism)
Week 7 Application of Psychobiotics – In Schizophrenia and Psychotic disorders
Week 8 Psychobiotics as nutraceuticals in mental health – How do they stand apart?
Week 9 Psychobiotics – The ‘game changers’ in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Using probiotics in psychiatry – the ethical, economic and clinical intersections

What is the admissions process for the programme?

The admissions process is completely online and is customised as per your educational and professional profile. Following are the key steps in the application process:

  • Step 1: Register yourself on to Nutrify Today platform by clicking on and create your individual profile, building your CV onto the platform.
  • Step 2: Select up skill > Academy > Master classes
  • Step 3: Select the course and make the payment, receive immediate access to the prep content and begin your Nutrify Today Academy journey.


  • 100% online
  • This Course Plus the Full Specialization
  • Shareable Certificates
  • Self-Paced Learning Option
  • Course Videos & Readings

Intended audience : Any current Masters pursing students or professionals of Food technology, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals streams.

  • Any Science Graduate, Food Engineering

Criteria to get the Certificate : Exam score = 80% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100

  • Certificate will have your name, photograph and the score in the final exam with the breakup
  • Only the e-certificate will be made available. Hard copies will not be dispatched.

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