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There is growing awareness and demand for healthier and more nutritious food choices. This demand requires immediate attention due to the twin problems – over-nutrition and malnutrition. Moreover, the producers are faced with the challenge of creating healthy recipes that taste delicious.

To address these issues, Nutrify Today has created “The Academy” to bring you industry-leading knowledge and practices in Food Science and Technology.

About Nutrify Today Academy

Nutrify Today Academy is industry capacity building platform that drives industry specific certification courses in association with universities.

The faculty of Nutrify Today Academy is curated through extensive industry network of over 10000 senior industry executives worldwide. This ensures practical solutions and learning from faculty members who have been there, done it and moved on.

The strength of Nutrify Today is its faculty.

Certification Programs

The Academy has been formed to bring you a series of professional skill development programs that push the boundaries of innovation for Food Science and Technology Professionals. You will learn the key skills of Design Thinking, Product Development and Commercialization.

  • Learn from global thought leaders and practitioners
  • Network with diverse peers from across industries
  • Accelerate your career by gaining relevant skills
  • Access best practices and innovative technologies
  • Conduct path breaking collaborative research
  • Learn from global thought leaders and practitioners

The certification programs will enable beneficiaries on enhancing their quality of deliveries in the company they are working for and at the same time enable industry to move up the standards of process being followed in R&D, Production, Regulatory, clinical trials, and marketing.

The program best suits for working executives and for companies wanting to upgrade their employees with latest work practices in nutraceuticals.

Post certification, the company also gets an opportunity to engage with faculty on project related assignments.

Online certification program on Product Development and Commercialization

Discover the intricacies of designing and developing products. Understand the critical need to generate new insights and ideas by conducting meaningful consumer research. The program will equip you with an essential overview into Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points can be applied in Safe Formulation Design.

Who should join:

  1. If you are F&D and R&D professional in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food tech
  2. If you are a food technology graduate wanting to build a career in the nutraceuticals formulation category
  3. If you are an organization with inhouse R&D, F&D


New Product Development & Commercialization

Course Fee: INR 48000/-
USD: $670
Duration: 6 weeks


Admissions Open 

Nutraceuticals for Nutritionist and Dietitians

Course Fee: INR 48000/-
USD: $670
Duration: 3 months


Admissions Open

OTC Marketing Management

Course Fee: INR 48000/-
USD: $670
Duration: 3 months


Admissions Open

Indian Regulatory System


Coming soon

Applied Probiotics for Food Technology & Pharmaceuticals


Coming soon

Applied ANI ( Active Nutraceuticals Ingredients)


Coming soon

About Class: New Product Development And Commercialization


Dr. Navin Sharma

Dr. Navin Sharma


International Agriculture Consulting Group

Dr. Shovan Ganguli

Dr. Shovan Ganguli

Science & Technology Consultant

Diageo India

Rinka Banerjee

Rinka Banerjee

Founder & Director

Thinking Forks Consulting and Co-founder Tasty Tales

Balkumar Marthi

Balkumar Marthi

Associate Dean - Research & Innovation (Sciences)

GITAM Deemed University

Dr. Vilas P Sinkar

Dr. Vilas P Sinkar

Vice President, R&D


Course Module

  • EIntroduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • EInnovation and its Management – The “Innovation Funnel”
  • EDesign Thinking & its Application to New Food Product Development
  • EIntroduction to Formulation & Process Design
  • EIntroduction to Sensory Evaluation & Consumer Science for Foods
  • EScale-up & Commercialisation

Faculty : Nutraceuticals for Nutritionist and Dietitians

Manjari Chandra

Consultant Functional Nutrition

Daivam Wellness


Naaznin Husein

Director, Medical Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Instructor

“FREEDOM” – Beginning to a Healthy You

Dr. Shilpa Varma

Chief Dietician

Belle ViewSpeciality Hospital

Dr. Rajani Chinni

One of the Director

Crius Life Sciences

Niti Desai

Consultant Nutritionist

Shilpa Joshi


Mumbai Diet and Health Centre

Vibha Hasija

Assistant Professor, Department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics

Nirmala Niketan

Dr. Eileen Canday

Head of Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre

Course Module

Food is Medicine-An Introduction of Nutraceuticals in Dietetics
  • Introduction to Nutraceuticals
  • Organizational elements
  • Properties and structure of Nutraceuticals
  • Scope of nutraceuticals
  • Classifications
  • Animal and plant based sources for nutraceuticals
  • Anti-nutritional Factors present in Foods
Natural ingredients take centre stage-Functional foods and properties
  • Classifications
  • Active Ingredients and their Origin
  • Polyphenols and their role
  • Relation of functional foods & Nutraceutical
  • The food industry’s role in promoting functional foods
Nutraceuticals: Transformation of Conventional Foods into Health Promoters/Disease Preventers in human life cycle

Lifecycle Approach- Physiological requirements at various stages from child to adult development.

  • Pediatric
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Geriatric
Mind and Body Matters-Wellness based Nutraceuticals
  • Integrating traditional medicine and Ayurvedic products
  • Cosmeceuticals for Skin and hair
  • Bone health
  • Better Sleep
  • Cognitive health
Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance
  • Exercise and Sports specific Nutraceuticals
  • Sports Supplements and Formulations
  • NADA and WADA List of Supplements
  • Performance based supplements
From food to nutritional support to specific nutraceuticals: A journey across time in the treatment of disease
  • Onco-nutrition
  • Endocrine disorders and Metabolic health
  • Diabetes management
  • Obesity
  • Cardiac Heath
  • Nephrological disorders Bariatric
Nutraceuticals in Critical Care nutrition
  • Metabolic derangement in ICU and need of artificial nutrition support.
  • Enteral Nutrition and Parenteral Nutrition
  • Importance of enteral nutrition in ICU
  • Formulations of feeds
Nutrigenetics and Nutraceuticals: The next wave riding on personalized Medicine.
  • Recognizing the interaction of specific nutraceuticals with the genetic code possessed by all nucleated cells.
  • Nutrigenomics and its impact on lifestyle associated metabolic diseases.
  • Nutrient- gene interaction in life-style associated diseases.
  • Ethical and regulatory issues
Nutraceuticals Formulations, Challenges and Solutions
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Fortified Foods
  • Ingredient forms and Innovation – (Powders, gummies, tablets, etc.)
Nutraceutical Regulatory Intelligence
  • Regulatory framework via cross- border collaboration
  • Rising patient awareness towards Nutraceuticals
  • Need for stringent execution of standardized rules and regulations.
  • Certifications National and Global Accreditations
  • Health Claims
  • Product Labelling
Bridging gap between Nutraceutical industries and Clinical dietitians- Case-Study based approach
Entrepreneurship and Scientific research Careers for Dietitians in Nutraceuticals
  • Product Ideation
  • Product  Conception
  • Product Formulation
  • Technology and Packaging
  • Label Claims and Marketing
  • Credibility amongst target customers

About Class: OTC Marketing Management

Applying Marketing concepts to handle OTC (Over the Counter) brands including Nutraceuticals, Consumer Health brands in most professional and efficient manner to address ~5Bn$ OTC market in India. Existing Pharma & FMCG Companies are getting into OTC and Consumer health, who deploy Pharma / FMCG marketers to handle OTC. Course specifically addresses requirements of such Brand Managers, Category Heads and MBA students desirous of managing OTC, Consumer Health in FMCG & Pharma Companies.


Dhawal  Katkar

Dhawal Katkar

Vice President & Business Head

Consumer Products
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals



Vice President and Head

India Branded Pharmaceuticals
Jubilant Pharmova Limited

Brijesh Kapil

Brijesh Kapil

Ex - Director Marketing & Sales Procter & Gamble

Sameer Desai

Sameer Desai

Asia Pacific Regional Business Director OTC, Business Director OTC

Abbott Rapid Diagnostics Asia Pacific Regional, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics

Course Module

Basics of OTC Marketing Management
  • Core Marketing and OTC Marketing concepts
  • OTC Marketing Management tasks
Developing OTC Marketing Strategies & Plans
  • Corporate/SBU Strategic Plans
  • OTC Strategic Business Unit Planning
  • OTC/Product Brand level Planning
OTC Marketing Environment Scan & Information Systems
  • OTC Marketing Environment Global/Indian
  • OTC Marketing Information Systems
OTC Market Research & Demand forecasting
  • OTC Market Research Planning Process Basics
  • OTC Demand Measurement & Forecasting
Analyzing OTC Consumer Markets
  • Consumer Behavior for OTC brands
  • OTC Brand Buying Decision process
OTC Market Segmentation & Target market Identification process
  • OTC Market Segmentation Strategies
  • Identifying OTC Target markets
Brand Positioning strategies for OTC brands
  • Developing & communicating OTC brand positioning strategy
  • OTC Brand Differentiation strategies
  • OTC Product Life Cycle (PLC) strategies
OTC Marketing Mix- OTC Product Strategies
  • OTC product levels, Classification & Differentiation
  • OTC brand Packaging, Labelling decisions
OTC Marketing Mix- OTC Pricing Strategies
  • OTC brand pricing considerations & strategies
  • OTC pricing adaptation strategies
OTC Marketing Mix- OTC Placement/Channel Strategies
  • OTC Marketing/Promotion channels Management
  • Optimizing placement of OTC brands
  • Emerging channels- Online, e-Com, e-Pharm, Modern Trade
OTC Marketing Mix- OTC Promotion Strategies
  • Developing OTC Integrated Brand Communications strategies to Consumers & Doctors
  • Developing OTC Promotion mix – Advertising, Promotion, Publicity &PR
  • Managing OTC advertising, media and measuring effectiveness
OTC Marketing Mix- OTC Advanced Marketing Topics
  • Managing entire OTC Marketing Management evaluation & Control
  • New OTC brand planning process
  • OTC Competitive strategies for Market Leaders, Challengers & followers
  • OTC Brand Equity & Measurement & Management
  • Rx to OTC switches
  • OTC Marketing Audit

Student Testimonial

Where our Alumni Work

Governing Body


Advisor to

FSSAI of India


Chairman (CoE)-




Research Triangle Institute


Professor of Strategy, Chairman South Asia Board

 Academy of International Business, Indian Institute of Management, Banglore



Mohan Diabetes Research Foundation


Executive Vice President


Chairman of

Daawat Kameda India and

Onisi Foods



Dr Ezhil Arasan Ramanan

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Dr. V.R.E.Research Laboratories Private Limited

Knowledge Partners

Gitam University

Centurion University

NRDC - National Research Development Corporation

AIC CCMB Atal Incubation Centre - Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine

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